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Pet Sitting Jobs for Kids

Pet sitting jobs for kids are a great way for your animal-loving child to learn about the care of animals and develop basic work skills. If done properly, pet sitting is a relatively easy job; however, your child needs to be mature and attentive, and understand they are responsible for properly caring for another person’s pet.

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What is Pet Sitting?

Essentially, pet sitting is babysitting animals. Responsibilities associated with pet sitting jobs for kids may include:
  • Walking and supervising outdoors time for the pet
  • Providing food and water
  • Cleaning up accidents and messes
  • Playing with the animals
  • Administering medications, if necessary

No Pet Sitting Experience

taking care of petsEven if your child assumes responsibilities for care of family pets, some potential customers will not feel comfortable unless your child has additional experience. Have your child call pet-owning friends and relatives, explain their interest in pet sitting jobs for kids and offer pet sitter services. They can offer longer services for times when they go out of town on business or day trips as well as caring for pets while owners are away for short periods of time such as at work.

Chances are, friends and family will be happy to help your child start a pet sitting business and may even pay your child for their help while they learn. If happy with the services provided, ask people to write a short reference letter that the young entrepreneur can show potential customers.

Finding Potential Customers

While friends and family can help your child find pet sitting jobs for kids, gain experience and make money, the majority of their profits are going to come from other customers. Help your child make connections within your local community, as they explore ways to actively inform people of their pet sitting business.

Make sure your child understands that it takes time to build a successful business – pet sitting jobs for kids will not just fall into their lap and getting clients involves legwork. One of the easiest ways to find potential pet sitting jobs is to accompany your child to different homes in your community and support them as they explain who they are and the services they offer. If you child is shy or has public speaking fears, help them prepare and practice an introductory sales pitch such as:

Hi, my name is _____ and I live in this community. I recently began offering pet sitting services to my neighbors. I want to introduce myself and explain the services I offer; please take my flier and contact me if you ever need a pet sitter. Help your youngster practice his/her pitch so that they can easily remember it when talking to others about their services. Have your child create and hand out a flier with their name, business information and phone number; this is an effective way for neighbors to remember your child, should they need a pet sitter in the future.

Posting Fliers

If going door-to-door with your child makes you uncomfortable or is too time consuming, consider allowing them to post fliers at local establishments. Veterinary offices, pet stores, community centers and local businesses with bulletin boards are some of the best places to help spread word of your child’s pet sitting services. Just remember to tell your child to ask permission before hanging a flier.

Pet Sitting Charges

Pet sitting jobs for kids are a great way for your child to make extra money, but make sure they have reasonable expectations. Most young pet sitters charge an average of $25-$30 per day; although this price may increase depending on travel distance, sitting for multiple animals or caring for pets with special needs. Make sure customers don’t take advantage of a young worker; your child should charge for additional services such as moving trash cans to the road, watering plants and checking mail.

Many customers tip pet sitters; although you should avoid raising expectations, remind your child that clients may reward them for doing a good job. In addition, tell your child their pet sitting business will grow with happy clients, who will hire them again and tell friends to call your child’s service for pet sitting needs.

Most Americans have at least one pet and many would feel comfortable entrusting their pet sitting needs to a neighborhood child. Through community networking and hard work, pet sitting jobs for kids provide a means for your child to learn how to grow a business. Perfect for older, more mature children with a love for animals, this type of self start-up business requires no supplies and can help your child save up for something he/she wants or start a college fund.

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